What we offer

Our offer is organised on 4 pillars


In the current economic world, changes in competitive dynamics or in political and regulatory environments can dramatically affect corporate profitability or market position. A Chord partners assists executive teams, either at a corporate or business unit level in finding opportunities for growth and identifying new and innovative ways to compete.

We deliver measurable results by deploying methods and implementing models that we acquired and developed throughout our experience gained in financial and industrial sectors. We also contribute to the implementation of strategy solutions by working directly with the operational teams.

Strategic management and planning
Planning and monitoring of strategic transformation
Mapping of market environment and competitive dynamics
Diagnostic of growth opportunities and elaboration of capture plans
Finance and Risk Management

On Finance subjects, A Chord partners has developed a wide expertise covering commercial and investment banking, asset management and insurance. We assist ALM managers in analysing their risks and implementing their capital planning.

We audit risk management departments and help financial institutions conform to new regulations such as Basel IV and Solvency II. We also test financial instruments pricing models and P&L production methods.

How we can help/What we do:
  • Financial risks assessment and business models design
  • Financial planning, strategic project valuation, and capital management
  • ALM and financial models design
  • Impact analysis of regulations


Quantitative analysis and research are major components of A Chord partners‘ specific expertise. We devote an important part of our activity to scientific, technical and regulatory monitoring in finance and risk management.

We conduct research projects on statistical and econometric modelling, the impacts of new regulations on interest rates and liquidity risk quantification, plus the evolution of financial organisations.

We also provide our functional expertise to IT editors bringing innovative technologies in the field of financial services.

State-of-the-art review of financial instruments pricing models
Design of contract aggregation methods for fast (stress) scenarii, VaR and EaR calculation
Design of multifactorial models whith dynamic volatility for assets and risk management
Transformation and Organisation

A Chord partners has a wide experience in corporate transformation and optimisation. Regarding operational change management, we analyse and reengineer processes to optimise costs and improve performance. Our methods concentrate on measurable results, guarantying quality and efficiency. In the field of transformational change, we design and lead programs to shape organisations that ensure alignment with executive managers’ vision and coherence across business units.

Cultural change is facilitated by closely supporting operational teams in their implementation of the programs. We also help corporations design target operating models that build capabilities while combining high performance, efficiency and good governance.

Business Process analysis and optimisation
Target Organisation model design
Change Management
Multicultural team integration in post merger environment
We can design bespoke solutions for your specific requirements