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International Project Management

Reorganisation Project Management

Client: A leading European Asset Manager

Context: After having taken control of one of its European competitors, that company reorganised its activities in two divisions: ‘classic’ and ‘alternative’ asset management. The teams involved in the reorganisation were located on all five continents.

Objectives: Reorganise international alternative asset management teams and investment product ranges in order to share best practices and reduce operational, commercial and IT platform costs.


  • Exhaustive mapping of international teams and asset management products
  • Monitoring of integration project on teams, product ranges and IT platform
  • Deployment of best practices in all international teams and change management

Water Industry

Innovative Drivers Identification for Value Creation

Client: A European utility industries actor

Context: That utility industries actor had reached a growth plateau phase and was looking for new innovative business development drivers.

Objectives: Identify and quantify new growth drivers while leveraging on the existing utility infrastructure.


  • Identification of a new potential growth driver in the export of water towards neighbouring countries using the existing infrastructure
  • Identification of potential customers and competitors in the water market
  • Analysis of the technical feasibility based on the existing infrastructure
  • Negotiations with government regulators
  • Quantification of the project investments and calculation of the break-even

Strategic Planning

Formalisation and Monitoring of a Strategic Plan

Client: An International Bank Holding company – COO Office

Context: This banking group was organised as a holding of 10 commercial banking networks established locally in different countries. In order to increase business growth, the group management board decided to reorganise the existing holding into an integrated banking network, with the purpose of creating a strong international commercial brand, setting up common functional directions to increase coordination between entities and creating synergies via the mutualisation of support functions (IT, back office, finance, etc …).

Objectives: Assist the group board of directors in defining and carrying out the strategic transformation action plan.


  • Definition and formalisation of the strategic plan
  • Setup of the transformation project portfolio dashboard for the executive committee
  • Definition of the balanced scorecard and its production process
  • Operational monitoring of the project portfolio
  • Setup of a mutualisation project for processes and procedures repositories

Business Integration

Operational Integration of an ALM Platform

Client: A leading French banking group – Group Financial Direction

Context: The banking group decided to change its ALM organisation on the commercial banking perimeter.

Objectives: The project focused on building a shared service center allowing all commercial banking entities to manage their structural risks with state-of-the-art techniques and measures.


  • Definition and formalisation of risk models for all commercial banking products
  • Management of acquisition interfaces functional specifications
  • Functional assistance to local IT centers in charge of data sourcing and data acquisition
  • Analysis of aggregation algorithms

Interest Rate Risk Management

IRR Measurement and Consolidation

Client: A leading French banking group – Group Financial Direction

Context: That banking group had deployed a global interest rate risk management platform in all its entities. The entities had rejected the platform due to the fact that it was producing results that they could not understand and control.

Objectives: Help the entities understand and integrate the new interest rate risk measures. Formalise the production and control processes. Deploy and document interest rate risk models and model governance.


  • Diagnosis of dysfunctions on the complete perimeter
  • Analysis of the production processes and of their auditability
  • Setup of production control tools and processes
  • Formalisation of interest risk models used in relation to the group’s commercial products, and setup of a model governance
  • Definition of the global interest risk measures consolidation process

Middle Office

Acceleration of the Daily PNL Production

Client: A leading French investment bank – Equity derivatives division

Context: Within that French investment bank, the Equity Finance and Delta One desks are parts of the equity derivatives trading division. Equity Finance is a service provider for the other trading teams: it provides hedges and funding for equity derivatives positions. Delta One is in charge of trading and arbitrage strategies on non-optional instruments: Exchange Traded Funds, Equity Linked Swaps, Contracts For Difference. PNL publication processes on those desks were identified as too slow by the bank’s Management Board.

Objectives: Define and setup new processes in order to accelerate the publication of the daily PNL (from D+2 to D+1) for Equity Finance and Delta One desks.


  • Analysis of the valuation production processes for Equity Finance and Delta One
  • Definition of optimized processes on valuation gaps explanations and PNL production
  • Design of training documents in relation to the new processes
  • Conduct of training sessions and change management