Transformation and Organisation

Transformation and Organisation

Transformation and Organisation

A Chord partners has wide experience in corporate transformation and optimisation.

In post-merger contexts, we help define short/mid-term integration priorities that deliver synergies, enable rationalisation and ultimately create value. We also accelerate integration by focusing on building a collaborative environment focused on keeping day-to-day business on track.

Regarding operational change management, we analyse and reengineer processes to optimise costs and improve performance. Our methods concentrate on measurable results, guarantying quality and efficiency.

In the field of transformational change, we design and lead programs to shape organisations that ensure alignment with executive managers’ vision and coherence across business units. Cultural change is facilitated by closely supporting operational teams in their implementation of the programs.

We also help corporations design target operating models that build capabilities while combining high performance, efficiency and good governance.

How we can help/What we do:

  • Business Process analysis and optimisation
  • Target Organisation model design
  • Change Management
  • Multicultural team integration in post merger environment
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